Simple & Affordable Team Management .

MySiteOps, a leading software company that specializes in providing a comprehensive management solution for the commercial cleaning industry. Our program is designed to help commercial cleaning companies and their clients manage the cleaning functions within their business more efficiently and effectively, while reducing costs associated with cleaning.

MySiteOps offers a host of features that are vital to the cleaning industry, including time and attendance tracking of staff, cleaning verification and validation of tasks being completed, purchasing of consumables and financial reporting. Commercial cleaning companies can easily manage their employees’ time and attendance, ensuring that they are working efficiently and productively, reducing time taken to complete payroll and reducing incorrect payments. MySiteOps verification and validation features include task completion verification scans and photographic evidenced Audits to ensure that cleaning functions are completed to a high standard and both the company and clients expectations are met, providing clients with peace of mind that their premises are clean and hygienic.

MySiteOps purchasing function reduces the time from purchase request to delivery of goods to site, allowing commercial cleaning companies to manage their cleaning supplies and equipment more effectively through authorisation levels and procurement policies. MySiteops provides valuable insights into all the costs associated with cleaning, allowing companies to develop accurate proposals and make informed decisions about their cleaning operations with live data and identify areas where they can reduce costs.

At Mysiteops, we are committed to delivering a leading cloud based application that provides the data to commercial cleaning companies and their clients to save time and money, while maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Contact us today to learn more about how our software can help your business thrive in the commercial cleaning industry.